10 Tips for Announcement or Press Release Email People Want to Read

Pret uses a 2-paragraph body and simple CTA in this announcement email

Source: Really Good Emails[8]

4. Make good use of buttons and landing pages.

You don’t have to include all of your great information in the email body. In fact, you probably shouldn’t since you’re trying to transfer readers to your site. Plus, you don’t want readers to be bored by your messaging.

Take advantage of customizable templates to make good use of landing pages and buttons people can use to learn more.

Look how Coinbase announced its new support for Chainlink. It provides common questions a subscriber may ask and offers links to learn more. Coinbase also included a button to click for anyone who wants to read the full announcement.

Coinbase uses imagery and quick headlines to get their announcement across in the shortest copy possible while still being valuable

Source: Gmail[9]

5. Segment your audience.

While your announcement may be applicable to all readers, the way you announce can change depending on the subscriber. Break your list into different groups and create a unique announcement or press release email for each group.

If you’re announcing a new meal delivery feature, for example, your feature may differ depending on the dietary restrictions of your subscribers.

Meanwhile, industry professionals and networking peers would be much more interested in the business aspects of your announcement compared to consumers.

6. Use clear and concise language—no industry jargon.

Unless you’re only writing for industry professionals, your emails shouldn’t be filled with jargon. People want to hear about your brand and how you can help them, so don’t use words that will make your business feel unfamiliar or cold.

Likewise, your email should quickly get to the point. Sure, you could write a heartfelt and in-depth announcement on a landing page, but give your subscribers the option to read it with a bold CTA—don’t include all that information in the email.

Look how Geocaching managed to explain the GDPR changes in digestible terms.

A brief privacy update from Geocaching, showing an image banner and 3 main points.

See how other companies handle sensitive updates in our blog post on privacy statement emails.[10]

7. Take advantage of multimedia.

Multimedia can be a visually interesting way to get subscribers interested in your announcement or product update. Video, for example, can improve your open rates by 19%,[11] click rates by 65%, and reduce your unsubscribe rates by 26%.

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