10 Tips for Announcement or Press Release Email People Want to Read

CoSchedule’s example below shows how you can make a video for a press release rather than including an email full of copy.

CoSchedule uses video, a high-performing and engaging tactic, to present their big announcement.

8. Personalize for every subscriber.

Segmenting is important for timeliness, but it also helps you personalize[12] your press release email campaigns.

While not every business or specific announcement warrants personalized product recommendations, you can take a subscriber’s behavior into consideration as you write your copy and choose which features to highlight.

Notice how Marriott segmented this subscriber based on frequent international travel, choosing to highlight a new card with no foreign transaction fees.

email from Marriott with a VIP invitation

9. Include contact information.

While you’ll probably include your company’s mailing address, you should also consider including other helpful contact information, like live chat, support, and FAQs.

This could be in the form of a link, CTA, or even a specific name and image of someone at the company. You might even include a WhatsApp number or contact form prepared specifically for questions regarding your announcement.

Freshbooks gets it right in this next email.

in their email, fresh books offers a direct line to support in the bottom of their message

Source: Campaign Monitor[13]

10. Use an email service provider.

While Bccs from your company email may do the job in some cases, they are far from ideal.

Using a dedicated email service provider like Campaign Monitor[14] will keep your emails looking professional and top-tier. Plus, you can customize your announcement with branding, images, buttons, links, and much more.

With reputable email service providers, you also have the ability to segment your list and personalize content[15] quickly and easily, with a support team to help.

Wrap up

You can’t rely on journalists, industry writers, or even social media to amplify your updates and press releases. Instead of simply putting your information out there and waiting for your target audience to find it, contact them yourself with a press release email by:

  • Getting to the point
  • Using creative ways to organize your key points
  • Writing with a personalized voice
  • Highlighting your branding
  • Perfecting your subject line

By spicing things up and getting a little creative, you can reach the right audiences and maximize your announcement and press release distribution potential.

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