Outsource Australia: 3 Tips to Connect Facebook Marketing and Direct Marketing

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, January 09, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Social Media Examiner points out in the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report that 88 per cent of marketers still want to know how they can best measure their ROI on social media and increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Outsource Australia[1] say: “Business owners must consider a combination of both brand marketing, such as Facebook marketing and direct marketing.” Firms must focus on building their brand by generating awareness and building emotional connections and direct marketing is specifically designed to produce a specific response and immediate results.

About Outsource

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Outsource Australia say, businesses that adopt brand marketing and direct response marketing can consistently improve conversation, personalise service and create a positive ROI cycle. The firm provides three tips to combine the two marketing strategies:

Facebook as ‘point of conversation’

Using Facebook as conversation platform gives businesses the opportunity to respond to consumers to what they see on the brand’s alternative marketing channels, such as TV, billboards or email.

Exclusive content

Outsource Australia recommend to provide consumers access to premium brand content. The firm says that consumers are often happy to share their insight and data in return for ‘VIP access’.

Cross-channel customer journey

It is useful to incorporate Facebook actions and behaviours into a brand’s broader, cross-channel ‘customer journey’ in a measurable way.

Outsource Australia agree that firms can increase their ROI by combining the perception-shaping power of brand advertising with direct marketing, focusing with one-to-one interactions of a specific target market. The combination of the two marketing techniques takes place during different phases of the customer lifecycle. Direct marketing interactions let consumers perceive they are in control of the relationship, which allows the marketer to reinforce the brand’s value proposition.

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