Outsourcing Non-Core Functions Can Improve a Company’s Profit

10/15/2020, Chicago // KISSPR //

Focus is the key to the success of any organization. The more focused the organization is, the higher the chances of success; therefore, it is essential to minimize the daily tasks. It is only possible if the organization outsources the non-core functions and only puts all efforts on the core functions. This not only increases efficiency but also improve the quality of the work.

Outsourcing the non-core functions[1] have a direct impact on the bottom line of the company. I have jotted down the essential aspects of outsourcing the non-core functions to increase a company’s profitability.

High-Quality Work

Customer retention depends on the quality of the product. People who are more specialized in a particular product can provide a better service. Experts can significantly impact the work quality, which ultimately increases buyer satisfaction and the company’s profitability.

The outsourcing companies know the nitty-gritty of the product because this is their core function. They take off the burden related to the quality of the work because they are highly capable people. The high quality prevails customer loyalty, which is one of the biggest pros of outsourcing. This customer loyalty translates into the company’s higher profitability because of word-of-mouth marketing, which is the most effective way of product/ service promotion.

Lower Infrastructural Cost

Low infrastructure cost is one of the most prominent pros of outsourcing. Reinventing the wheel is not the right option for companies, and they can capitalize on the already available resources. Companies do not have to invest money in setting up a production unit for the non-core product.

They can always get the job done from a more specialized outsourcing company. This is a significant budgetary relief for managers because they do not have to sacrifice a considerable amount of money to develop infrastructure. You need to spend a low amount of money to keep a check on the outsourcing partner.

No Extra Human Resource Required

Hiring new employees can be a very hectic and costly activity. There is a complete process through which employees are accessed and employed. This can be very time-consuming, and there is always a chance of the wrong type of hiring. The situation becomes more intense when you are hiring for your non-core function because you do not possess the capabilities to handle the situation if it goes out of hand.

This can drastically affect the bottom-line of your company, and you can incur a significant loss. However, outsourcing is a great relief and takeoff this extra burden. This can increase your company’s overall profitability, which is one of the biggest pros of outsourcing. You would not need to hire new employees and rely on the professional who can get the work done perfectly.

Focus on Core Functions

The profitability of a company depends on the smooth running of the core functions. When you get rid of the extra (non-core) activities and outsource it, you must have a complete focus on the essential activities only. The quality of work increases by manifolds, and this allows you to enhance your product.

Organizations can spend more time building the company’s right strategy rather than worrying about the non-core functions. It provides a sense of relief to managers and eliminates the chances of frustration in employees.

High Productivity

The speed of the work increases to a great extent when experts are working. This increases the productivity of the company, which is one of the biggest pros of outsourcing. The more you produce your product, the more you will be able to sell to the customers.

Outsourcing gives you the liberty to produce products at a much cheaper cost than in-house production. You can avail of this chance to enhance your main product’s quality and expand its production.

Competitive Outsourcing Options

When you build in-house capabilities for non-core functions, you limit yourself to a specific capacity. You can spend that amount on increasing your core-functions capabilities and outsource the non-core functions. This allows companies to check on the quality of different outsourcing companies and pick the one which suits their budget and quality requirements.

You will find many outsourcing[2] companies in a very competitive market. This competition ensures a high quality of work, and you can always switch from one supplier to another. This availability of many outsourcing suppliers allows you to have more control over the quality than the in-house production of non-core products.

Better Customer Service

The customer service center is the most popular outsourcing services in the business world. Satisfied customers are crucial to the success of any organization. Therefore, it should be never be taken for granted. Usually, organizations cannot handle customer service needs, and in such cases, the outsourcing of customer service can be a great relief.

These outsourcing companies are experts in handling customer complaints in the most professional manner. This increases the customer satisfaction level, which ultimately transfers to the higher profitability of the company. It is one of the most prominent pros of outsourcing which ensures the retention of the customers.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, outsourcing may seem a costly business solution, and some people might prefer building their inhouse resources. However, this is a big mistake that one can ever commit because they are not experts in their non-core functions. This can cause a waste of energy, time, and resources.

Becoming a jack of all trades is the worst strategy in the business world. You need to be highly focused and work on your core strengths only. Outsourcing the additional and non-core functions can provide you time to pay attention to your business’s more essential aspects, which are of high value in revenue generation.

If you are not able to raise the quality of work, then customer retention is not possible. Therefore, outsourcing is the best way to enhance the quality of your work. Once you achieve customer satisfaction, then things become more comfortable for you.


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