Press Release Email Marketing Service For News Writing

Press and news release is one of the best medium to make public announcements as they cover mass audience.

Press release writing is a service which deserves good marketing and latest promotional techniques else it will be lost in the crowd.

Seeing the nature of this service we have got Email Marketing For Press Release & News Writing Service which will assist you target customers in the need of this service, just by investing a limited from your budget.

Some sample emails that will help your press release writing service

  • You can share blogs and posts on press releases through emails.
  • Send pre-published press releases to customers and show your work samples.
  • Email marketing will help you circulate press releases.
  • Promote and attract audience on your news releases via email campaigns

Email Marketing For Press Release & News Writing Service

Email marketing campaign empowers you to conduct bulk email campaigns through which you can promote your press releases and news services.

This email marketing platform is equipped with two different email campaigning feature using which you can advertise your writing services and send  business requests.

Drip Email Campaign: – If you are in the need to deliver emails at specific date & time, then you can use drip campaign feature. With this you can send pre-written emails about press releases automatically at scheduled time.

Regular Email Campaign: – When you are planning to start an email campaign instantly, you can opt for this option. Just create attractive email, add email contacts and start sending emails about your news agencies.

Email Tracking

Email Marketing For Press Release Writing Service has an advance facility which helps you analyze your email campaign and monitor the actions of clients on your emails.

You can track details like unsubscriptions, spam, opened emails and bounce rate etc. This will help you overcome and point out mistakes.

Deliver Responsive Emails

All the emails sent using this email marketing platform will be 100% responsive. Each & every mail will look great on devices like mobile, laptop, tablets and different screen sizes.

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